Thomas Sabo; Our 5 Favorite Charms

Hello, my darlings!

Thomas Sabo. If you’re at all like me, you hear the name regularly. Why? Because Thomas Sabo makes some of the absolute best charms available on the market. Sure, they’re not heavy on gemstones, but they have such a diverse product catalogue! I thought today I’d show case a few of my favorite. Five is a good number, right?

Mum Heart With Crown

I’m my mother’s child at heart, and there’s never anything wrong with showing it. This is an adorable sterling silver number in the shape of a heart, with a golden colored crown resting in the top right hand corner. The word “mum” is written in cursive, giving it a cute, sassy look. It may be a bit childish for some people’s tastes, but I like it.

Heart Medallion

This little charm pendant is a beauty! It’s a heart shaped pendant, with red enamel on the inside. This gives it a wonderful “Hot Topic Goth” type feel, which I find utterly adorable. It’s also got a lobster clasp, meaning it can open. It’s not very large, as lockets go, but if that appeals to you it’s a thing to notice. This is one of the more expensive charms, sitting at $98 US.


This charm pendant, called simply “Globe”, is a pretty little number that’s shaped like the planet Earth. It’s also got an 18k gold sun in the upper right side, making it a cute little symbol for travel or a love of the environment. Like the Heart Medallion, the Globe is one of the more expensive charms. It will cost you $74 US.

Pink Heart

This is a heart shaped charm (I have a preference of shapes, can you tell?) that’s made of a rose quartz stone set in 925 sterling silver. Rose quartz is one of my favorite gemstones, and being able to get such a beautiful charm pendant for only $74 US seems like such a great deal to me.

Charity Bear

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Frankly, it should be more surprising I didn’t have a teddy bear charm on this list already! A 925 sterling silver bear with a red heart on the belly, this charm is only $55 US. The best part is that all profits from this particular charm go to the Thomas Sabo Foundation for children’s charities! You can have the cutest charm bracelet and feel good about it, too!

Thomas Sabo has so many more charms! These are just a few of my absolute faves. If you’re the kind of person who likes charms, either bracelets or necklaces, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the website.

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